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A Bammers Tale

The Mighty Kingdom Falls


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Oh how the Mighty Have Fallen

Once upon a time there was a mighty program in the SEC that was the bullie. The fans of this program would make fun of all the others within the land of the SEC. This mighty team had a leader an evil leader who would do anything to win. So all of his followers learned from their leader. They went for years running their mouths and bragging about all the great honors they had won in battles, never thinking about how they had won, Their great leader was called the Bear...he was fearless...everyone in the world of the SEC and the NCAA feared this leader. The leader was very strong in his leadership of his warriors. When another member of the SEC started to become powerful he would call his fellow evil friends and do deeds to force them to become trouble ridden with the great NCAA. Yes, he was the Bear....he was a drinker of hard years passed by his kingdom grew and he won more battles, running over anyone who got in his ways.
Cheating was the norm....for this leader and so his subjects of the bama nation grew to thing they were above all rules set up by the great NCAA.
Then one day the great leader decided to give up his kingdom...he turned it over to a new king, King Perkins. Long live the king. King Bear soon after passed from that life to some other we will never know.

Now the old king was dead...the kingdom that was once ruled by a tyrant was now being ruled by one of his most trusted henchmen. He tried has hard has he could to rule like Bear but he could not. The people of the kingdom were becoming upset with him losing battles to their neighbors...then he started to lose to others...the subjects became so upset that they started to become like a this new leader decided it was time to move on.
A new king was brought in...King Curry...many of the subjects was not pleased with the selection of this king...he had class and was not dis-honest. His subjects knew that they could not win battles if they could not cheat...but the new leader would have no part of having to cheat to he set out to prove that he could in fact lead his warriors into battle and win without cheating....and he did....then one mighty day he took his warriors to a great battlefield, a battlefield that they had never fought on before...King Curry had taught his warriors how to win and not fact they had not lost a battle all year long...undefeated...
This great battlefield was call Jordan/Hare....that day was special for the little kingdom of see for years they always had to fight the mighty Kingdom of Bama on their battlefield and had always fought hard but never seemed to win their share of battles. It was never a even match....
This time the battle would be fought on a level playing field, this time the little kingdom of AUBURN would be at home.
Yes, AUBURN beat the mighty bama nation sent them packing back to bamaland, now the subjects of bamaland became upset that they were afraid that the little nation of Auburn was bout to take over and rule with peace and goodness. They would not stand for the went after the mob style..they order moving vans to his house, threw bricks at his home...they ran the honest king out of town on a rail. They knew that by not cheating that they could not win.

Now time was passing...the greatest of ruling government who ruled over all the NCAA was not longer afraid of the mighty Tide nation..they began to notice all the thing that was going on in tideland....they hit them hard for breaking the laws of the land, but this did not stop the subjects they had been taught to win at all cost and they could not live life without winning. They decided to just have a King, let him lead but the subjects with money would now make the calls. They would buy and pay for young men as SLAVES as they had always. They would never stop buying SLAVES....they thought that they were above the law of the land.

Then they bought one slave too many.. the Big Kingdom of the SEC decided to stop this kingdom and its evil ways....they banned together and turned the mighty beast into the NCAA...the NCAA does not like Slave trading so the great powers decided it was time to destroy the kingdom of Bama.
The NCAA moved in with all the fire power they had armed with the help of all members of this great took time but they finally brought the bama nation to its knees.

They punishment should have been death, however because of the Heart of the leaders of the NCAA they decided to give them punishment that would make them beg for death.

good will always may take some the evil empire is threating to leave the Nation of the SEC...the members of the SEC are laughing at them as the subjects see the subjects are the ones who are the problem...not the King. The subjects are still living in the past when the Tryant ruler called the Bear walked the battlefields. The subjects just don't get it...the nation of the SEC can do without them but they cannot live without the take your cheating, SLAVE trading land and move it to some other nation, you are not welcome here with subjects that can only live to cheat. We don't allow SLAVE trading in our Powerful Nation.

Good BYE!

Thanks to .. oldautiger from the ISTAUT's Message Board

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